A Beginning (again)

Welcome to a hundred quirky legs! My name is Tobias Reber and I’m a composer and musician. My personal website is at tobiasreber.com and I’ve been blogging at tobiasreber.tumblr.com for a couple of years using “a hundred quirky legs” as the blog’s headline. I intend to start writing more regularly again and change the direction a bit, and for that reason I’m giving the blog its own proper place on the web here. I want this to become less of a news site for my personal work – for that purpose I will keep the renamed Tumblr as part of my website – but more of a place to write about my evolving thoughts on composition in the age of computation, as I’ve occasionally done on the old blog.

In addition to this site I’m also starting a new email newsletter where I plan to write more informally no more than once or twice a month (maybe less – this is an experiment, really, and I’ll see what feels right), riff on things that come up while working on projects or with students, and also link to and comment on interesting media related to the topics of the blog. I’d love for you to join me! You can subscribe to the blog here and sign up for the email newsletter here.

Until very soon!


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