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  1. It’s interesting that you should bring this up. I have attended Burning Man several times, as well as regional Burn events. My participation in the event, and the method by which I give gifts to people involves the invention of new words. I call myself a “Wordsmith”. I invent a new word and give that word to a person. It is now their word, and their participation in the process is that they now have to give meaning, i.e., a definition, to their word. I assumed that this was going to be a bit of silliness and fun, but it turned out to be a hugely rewarding experience, both for me and the word recipients. Some of the people were even ambitious enough to supply etymology and different forms for their word. It has been a wonderful experience!

    1. Bill, thanks for sharing that with me! I think that if the context is right – as the festival seems to have been in your case-, such apparent “silliness” can grow into something beautiful and delightful. As a fan of wordplay* I’ve often found that while in one situation such play is dismissed as a stupid pun, in others it is cherished as opening up new space for poetic thought.

      *see this post on anagrams, for example: http://www.ahundredquirkylegs.com/2015/08/11/glass-mantras-on-anagrams

      1. Exactly! I wasn’t prepared for how this was actually going to work when I first dreamed up the idea. The wonderful thing about doing it at Burning Man is that 99% of the people there have their minds wide open and are receptive to this sort of thing. For me, it resulted in laughs, hugs, kisses, and even one sexual proposition! The power of words, even brand-new, invented ones, is a wonderful thing!

        But even that can’t measure up to the power of music. But that’s another subject entirely, isn’t it?

  2. Invent (mejor aún: sueña) una palabra nueva. Explica su significado, etimología e inventa una cita famosa en la que se haya sido usada de forma sorprendente.

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