Notes for the current and future expeditions

To find a gem that shines in darkness you must venture deep into the cave.

Ignore the pebbles in the entrance’s half-light: the easy wins don’t matter, and have been collected many times before. You may have to chip away at dull rock for a long while until you unearth a glimmer – or you might luck out with an early find.

Talk to yourself if you need company or courage. Take notes. Over time, you’ll learn where it’s worth digging, and your odds will improve.

No matter what you remember hearing from those who never crossed the entrance: follow the goosebumps. Be alert to slight changes in gusts of air, and be still until your senses grow accustomed to the demands of a new terrain.

Don’t rush or you might step on treasures without even noticing. You must look without believing you know what you will see; there are many forms a jewel can take. Learn to see with your eyes closed: to find the thing you need is to find something infinitely familiar but previously hidden.

Remember Borges’ ur and Brussolo’s bounties, and every dream you ever had.

Remember, Strahler: the mountain is you.

Image credit: Purple Crystals by John Wardell (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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