Kolapse X: The Omara Remixes

On Christmas day 2016 I gave away the stem files for my piece, Omara, as a present for subscribers of my newsletter. Within four days, four people sent me remixes of the track. As the tenth and final entry in this series of posts celebrating the Kolapse remixes and remixers, I’d like to present to you four reworked versions of Omara.

Cha Blasco – Omara (Cha Blasco Remix)

Ken McByrd – 5T3M 001

midKnight muse – Omara’s Darkside [midKnight Muse mix]

Tony Simms – Omara Square

And with this we complete the Kolapse project – almost two years after kick-off and six months after the album release. Many thanks to all twenty-two people involved: Abboud Hashem, Alexander Dowerk, Arne Bense, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Cha Blasco, Chris Herb, Christian Grothe, Cedric Theys, Erik Emil Eskildsen, Guy Birkin, Henri de Saussure, Juan Dahmen, Kathy Melaas, Ken McByrd, Markus Reuter, Pete Leuenberger, Ritxi Ostáriz, Roger Stucki, Tamara Lyn, Todd Madson, Tony Simms and Will Cruttenden.

And thank you for listening and reading. On to the next thing.

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