Unbroken Things

Pain of Salvation’s new album, “In the Passing Light of Day”, is simply wonderful. It’s the kind of album that steadily continues to grow on me with every listen. It has depth in theme, writing and production. It’s deeply nostalgic, which usually puts me off but just makes me sigh with an odd sense of relief this time. It is effective in its emotional directness and unashamed in its naivety: it’s getting away with a couple of clichées that in the hands of another band would make me cringe. It’s deeply original and decidedly traditional at the same time, and not afraid to borrow a little here and there if needed. It’s the kind of work that allows you to enter a proper, meaningful relationship with it – the kind of relationship that allows you to reflect on your own feelings, tastes, assumptions and preconceptions, and grow from there. It’s been many years since I’ve felt this way about a “rock” album, apart from some of Devin’s music, and it’s exactly what I need at this moment.

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